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Windshield Replacement

Those who have been to Las Vegas in the summer know that the climate is hellacious. The dry air and big, hot sun pushes temperatures well over one hundred and then the cloudless sky lets all of that heat leave the second the sun goes down. Hot days, cool nights is the name of the game. This is also one of the reasons why slight auto glass damage that could have been taken care of with a simple windshield repair quickly gets exaggerated and before long turns into a situation that need full-on auto glass replacement.

The infernal heat can make your car heat up to over 170 degrees on 100 degree days, so your windshield can be hot enough to cook chicken on. Such heat makes the molecules in the glass expand to a large degree.

Later on in the evening after things have cooled off, your auto glass contracts. Days and weeks of this cycle lead to a hairline fracture in the window getting deeper and it will grow longer as well, decimating the structural integrity of your windshield, putting you at risk for the cabin to crush in the event of a rollover and making a collision much more dangerous for anyone riding in the passenger seat (airbags may not deploy correctly).

Don’t put your family and friends at risk. Las Vegas Mobile Auto Glass is your local windshield replacement expert. We have been at this for over sixteen years now and all of our technicians are certified in:

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Windshield Replacement Las Vegas

We only use the very best materials and automobile manufacturer approved tools. This way, we can back all of our work with an industry-leading guarantee. For as long as you decide to own your vehicle, our service warranty has you covered. Whether it is a Car, SUV, Mini-van, commercial tractor -trailer or oddball Yugo, our team has the skills to handle your window replacement right the very first time.

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