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Auto Window Repair

After months and months of hot sun and no rain, the roads in and around Las Vegas become a dangerous place for car windows and windshields. There is simply no rain to wash the harder, heavier debris and gravel out of the roads. So we end up with an excess of foreign objects that can become roadside missiles capable of chipping and cracking your auto glass. If it is bad enough, you might require a car windshield replacement service performed.

But more often than not, you just need a quick and easy auto window repair. Many auto glass shops might try to sell you a the more expensive replacement service even if all you need is a windshield repair. Las Vegas Mobile Auto Glass will never try to scam you. We understand the importance of the original windshield seal and only recommend that course of action when it is absolutely necessary. If you have been putting off getting your car glass repaired, wait no more.

Most basic repairs can be done by our highly-trained and certified crews in just 30 to 45 minutes, and we also have a mobile repair service that we extend to our clients at no additional charge. We will do everything in our power to get you safely back on the road as fast as possible, and at as little cost as possible. So give our outstanding technicians a call any time during business hours and we’ll schedule a time to handle your repairs.

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